Owen & Owen

Being the only grandchild of Owen Barfield, and sharing a name, we were close.

When Grandfather was in London he stayed with us. Some weekends I’d visit him at home in the country travelling by bicycle and train. We enjoyed our time together which was spent walking and talking.

Summers were passed with my maternal Grandfather, Ignacio Ribas Marqués, professor of Organic Chemistry at the Universities of Salamanca and Santiago de Compostela. He was a friend and colleague of the writer Miguel de Unamuno.

Both grandfathers were loving and long-lived men of letters. I enjoyed the pleasure of their company and conversation.

At Highgate School (where Grandfather had also been) my interest in art began.  Aged 18, while in Toronto, I started to paint with oils and I’m still an exhibiting artist. After graduating from the University of Hull I returned to London and there married in Farm Street Church. Since my daughters’ births I am a healer.

Grandfather walked out of life when I was aged 28. Six years later I had a mystical experience that set me on my path.

Marriage of my parents, Alexander and Margarita, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Grandfathers Owen and Don Ignacio spoke French.
Don Ignacio widowed, Doña Catalina was shot by a soldier as they were out fishing.
Grandfather widowed, Maud passed away peacefully aged 96.
Aged 18, in high summer, Grandfather mandated me to paint.
21st birthday, Grandfather gave me the easel I still use to paint on.
Don Ignacio passed away peacefully at home aged 96.
Grandfather passed away peacefully at home aged 99.
Appointed trustee of the Literary Estate.
Alexander passed away peacefully at home aged 84.

Owen Alexander Barfield

Public talks by Owen A. Barfield

A 30 minute talk by Owen A. Barfield at the The Fintry Trust, England,
September 2020:


Other talks by Owen A. Barfield
(subsequent colloquies not listed)

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Anthroposophical Society, New York City
Aug 2014
Owen Barfield conference, Regent Uni., VA, USA
May 2014
Rudolf Steiner House, London
Jan 2014
The Field Centre, Gloucestershire
Jul 2013
C.S. Lewis conference, Oxford
Jun 2013
Theology conference, Oxford
Jul 2012
Owen Barfield conference, Oxford
Nov 2011
C.S. Lewis Society, Oxford
Jun 2011
Inklings conference, University of Lille, France
Feb 2011
The Christian Community, Forest Row
Jun 2010
Rudolf Steiner House, London
Jun 2010
Owen Barfield seminar, Magdalen College, Oxford
Mar 2010
St. Ethelburga’s, City of London
Feb 2010
C.S. Lewis Society, Oxford
Oct 2009
Owen Barfield seminar, Girton College, Cambridge
Oct 2009
Crossfields Institute, London
Oct 2009
Owen Barfield Society, RMMLA, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Oct 2009
Owen Barfield presentation, Wheaton College, IL, USA
Mar 2009
Owen Barfield conference, Goetheanum, Switzerland