Owen Barfield

c. 1985

courtesy of the Marion E. Wade Center

19th to 24th April 1972 in Wheaton, IL, USA

© Photographs by Douglas R. Gilbert.
Courtesy of Grand Valley State Uni. Special Collections & Uni. Archives

New England, 1974

© Carol Reck

1920s – 1950s

Maud and Family

Maud and Owen Barfield married in 1923. They met in 1920 on a folk-dance tour of Cornwall (the Roseland Concerts) which culminated with their dance performances on the 13th & 15th November 1921 at Somerville and Wadham Colleges, Oxford.

Left and Centre: Alexander Barfield with Owen and Maud
Right: Jeffrey Barfield; C. S. Lewis dedicated The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to Jeffrey (born Geoffrey Corbett).