Owen Barfield and Charles Williams

There are spiritual paths known collectively as ‘The Way’, most notably:
  • via the ‘Negative’ – felt as an Initiation experience
    (more in the 3rd quincentenary’ BC).
  • via the ‘Affirmative’ – expressed as a Grail Quest experience
    (more in the 3rd quincentenary AD).

Williams, as a historical researcher was attracted by the latter.
Barfield, as a philosophical thinker was convinced by the former.

Williams uses the word co-inherence to refer to an aspect of St. Paul’s revelation “Christ lives in me” Gal. 2:20.
Barfield was already using the word coinherence in 1930, whereas Williams’ first use of it was in January 1939.
Barfield’s life-long task was to bring meaning to the whole of that revelation.

In The Descent of the Dove Williams quotes directly from C.S. Lewis’ Allegory of Love which was dedicated to Barfield.