The Quest of the Sangreal

by Owen Barfield

Editors: Jefferey H. Taylor & Leslie A. Taylor

Owen Barfield wrote the eurythmy performance piece between 1935 and 1947.

The original manuscript is held in the Bodleian Library.

Bodleian catalogue: ‘The Quest of Sangreal’, typescript copy, n.d. Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1101.


Eurythmy is a movement art that brings the essence of music and language to visible manifestation. Through deliberate, sculptured gestures sounds take physical form. Eurythmy is not interpretive of music and poetry. It is a true sounding or singing through the body as an instrument.

Eurythmy takes its start from the view that all art is the revelation of concealed laws of nature. The experience of the inmost soul is brought forth and unfolds in motion, gesture, colour and space.